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Solution to the TMC staffing crisis

Until recently the trend amongst the big TMCs was to minimize the human touch as much as possible. So, automating the booking process was a priority and most frontline staff were trained to be order-takers.

The pandemic changed all that. Travelers are now reliant on TMCs to guide them through the maze of challenges they have to deal with, in a market that has been disrupted beyond recognition. However, many TMCs no longer have the resources or the skillsets and experience to do this.

It is estimated that, during the pandemic, TMCs cut 15 – 70% of their workforces[1] and staff shortages remain a big issue as some TMCs struggle to deal with surging demand. 18% of travel managers say they are unhappy with their TMC’s offline servicing, whilst 9% of TMCs admit recruiting skilled staff is a major challenge.[2]

We do things differently...

Since TakeTwo opened its doors almost a year ago, our headcount has risen by over 60% and we are literally besieged with applications from travel industry colleagues and newbies alike who are desperate to join us. Many clients and media ask us why have we been insulated against the crisis.

My response to that question is: a lot of staff are reluctant to return to TMCs who made them redundant during the pandemic. Those that do return are doing so, not because they want to, but because they just need a job. For many, they’ve lost trust in employers and also they’re worried about another crisis hitting the industry again. I know exactly how that feels as the same happened to me.