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Is your TMC sustainable?

After a couple of false starts, sustainability is now firmly at the forefront of travel buyers’ thinking. However, many TMCs have yet to smell the coffee.

Thanks to the pandemic, companies are signing up to sustainability pledges and travel-related emissions. For these businesses, zero emissions is now a competitive advantage, so the pace of permanent change is growing.

Purposeful travel Sustainability is at the core of the drive towards purposeful travel – travel that achieves or enhances the chances of quantifiable outcomes that directly benefit the business.

Purposeful travel encourages companies to look at travel as an investment rather than a cost. By analyzing the purpose of each trip and evaluating its importance, travel spend is optimized, resources are conserved, and carbon footprint is reduced.

The gradual return of business travel has put travel managers on the same page as their environmental, social governance (ESG) colleagues. It’s now in everyone’s interest to balance people, planet and profit by reducing demand and emissions.

TMCs and sustainability Independent research shows that 67% of travel buyers want to understand their TMCs sustainability strategies as part of the sourcing process. 89% of buyers want to see their TMCs provide more sustainability services.

This has caught many TMCs by surprise. Fully shaped sustainability services, integrated into TMC systems are rare because they are still in