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Looking Back on 2022...

We explore the 3 main customer pain points during 2022 and how the TMC's role in helping overcome them is critical in 2023.

As travel rebounded in 2022, meeting the service needs of major corporates made it a challenging year for the TMC sector. Staff shortages, constrained capacity and disrupted schedules created a new set of complexities for the business trip. This was combined with increased demand in security, safety and sustainability in the corporate travel program.

Customer Pain Point # 1: Service Inconsistency

Customers demanded a much more high-touch service this year, as they tried to navigate their way around a badly disrupted eco-system. Paradoxically, many TMCs were not in a good position to meet their customers’ needs – with staff shortages impacting service levels, as well as increased prices and reduced choice.


Recent surveys reported that the time it takes to make a booking is now taking 3 times longer, exacerbated by changes in policy, extra levels of approval, schedule changes, content fragmentation, geo-politics and travel restrictions.


Customized and personalized service solutions were a major priority for most travel managers. This is expected to continue throughout 2023 as travel managers' demands continue to evolve.