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Is your TMC too big?

Judging by the recent spate of mergers between Travel Management Companies, you’d be forgiven for thinking the current mantra is ‘big is beautiful’.

To be fair, for the bigger, truly global travel programs a global TMC makes good business sense. But if you are not one of the top 20% of corporate travel spenders, do you really want to be a small fish in a massive sea?

The recent spate of TMC acquisitions is only the start, with more mergers and acquisitions predicted, leaving clients with even less choice. And within the range of TMCs that remain, those choices are further diminished.

Small fish, big pond

Within the top five TMCs, providing they’ll accept your business, clients spending up to £10m a year in travel are categorised as small or medium-sized accounts and treated accordingly.

Their clients are handed an online booking tool un-tailored to the client’s needs or travel profile. Offline bookings are processed through vast teams in call centers, who may now be virtually based but still operate in the same way, with little or no personalization. They may even prioritize larger spend customers over you.

Small TMC, limited capabilities

Small to medium-sized TMCs are disappearing due to consolidation or failure, leaving smaller TMCs without the international presence or the buying power to secure the best rates.

These more regionally based TMCs often lack the resources or infrastructure to invest in the technology to underpin their customer service, offer account facilities or provide 24-hour emergency assistance for your travelers.

It’s easier to build stronger personal relationships with a more local supplier, but for clients with overseas offices, it’s tougher to create the necessary understanding of potentially transatlantic travel needs.

Best of both worlds

TakeTwo can offer the best of both worlds. We are building a network of locations in the Across North America, as well as the UK and Europe , which gives our clients in-country presence where it matters most.

Our clients have a local and regional presence and on-the-ground relationships with local airlines, hotels and ground transport providers. Most importantly, they still have a single point of contact to manage their travel, based on a deep understanding of their travelers’ needs.

Making the right choice

Choosing the right TMC is a decision based on parameters that differ from company to company. Finding the right fit often comes down to which TMC best understands your business needs, influences and objectives.

Your TMC must be able to provide everything you need as an organization, and your travellers need as individuals. From cost savings to employee welfare; sustainability to duty of care obligations. Crucially, your TMC must be able to intervene when travel plans change.

TakeTwo can give you all of this – and more.

So what are you waiting for?

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