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A Day in the Life: Rob

“Hi, my name is Rob Cope, and I am Chief Technology Officer for TakeTwo.”

About me

“I’ve worked for the past four years within the travel management sector, and it’s been a roller-coaster ride for the industry. Certainly, no-one can say it’s a boring sector to be in.”

What I do

“I have two main priorities. The first is the client services function which manages the customer on-boarding process and connects the customer experience in the most effective way. I focus on how we continuously add value to our customers’ travel programme.

As part of the on-boarding process, we’ve developed a lean methodology that we apply throughout the customer journey with us. We continuously analyse and measure touch points to look at how we can fully optimise their travel programme. Typically, client services may step away once the account is implemented, but at TakeTwo we are integrated within the process and continually look to improve things throughout the relationship.

Secondly, the product optimisation function looks at how we fully optimise the products within our eco-system. Our objective is to deliver as much automation and value from each product; this can only really be done when we look effectively at how we make the products and systems interact.

As a company it’s our priority to always question ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘when’. I also manage key projects linked to product and transformation.

I get real job satisfaction from solving complex problems. At a previous travel company, I completely redefined a legacy problem that was continuously failing at huge cost to the business. It spanned multiple departments, which were operating in silos. The changes resulted in saving hundreds of hours of processing time each month.

I thrive on visioning, improving, and seeing the work that has been delivered make an impact for our client and the business. I answer to both internal and external stakeholders and its very satisfying to see how both sides successfully interact, allowing us to focus on how we build an amazing customer experience.

Looking forward

“Most travel management companies are very conventional in their approach to problem-solving; this is often due to their method of using legacy Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and mid-office systems in a very traditional way. ”

“At TakeTwo we are looking closely at how we can address issues better and faster by connecting products, tools, systems, and people to fully optimise a 360-degree experience. I believe it’s all about enhancing the interactions between people, process and technology.”

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