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TakeTwo Travel Solutions Fast-Tracks USA Launch

10 Nov 2021

TakeTwo Travel Solutions Fast-Tracks USA Launch:
TMC Enters Market As Companies Return to Travel, Meeting New Needs of Evolving Post-Pandemic Practices & Policies

Purposeful Interactions vs. Automated Process: Emphasis on Premium, Customized Service In Tandem with Travel-Centric Technology & Tools

November 10, 2021 – New York, NY – TakeTwo Travel Solutions, a new travel management company (TMC), has launched in the USA today. Following a successful debut in the UK just two months ago, the TMC has fast-tracked its entrance into the USA based on client demand and the rapidly changing needs of companies in this post-pandemic travel era. As business travelers take to the road again it is more important than ever to have a hands-on team, in tandem with consumer-grade technology. TakeTwo’s approach is high-touch, marrying premium offline, anticipatory service, with its powerful travel-centric technology and tools, to meet the needs of the next generation of travelers.

“There is an art to travel management,” said CEO Chris Thelen. “We look at this as a profession, not an automated process. For us it is about customization, not a cookie-cutter approach. The backend technology in our business is absolutely one of our standout features; a single platform across all of our offices around the world allows us to consolidate global accounts. What we do to magnify our technology is an emphasis on the front line; people and purposeful interactions. Our team and genuine customer service are our differentiators; a business with a soul, as I say.”

TakeTwo is in a unique, coveted position as they enter the TMC space in the USA. They bring an expansive wealth of industry knowledge with Thelen’s three decades of TMC executive leadership, coupled with a clean, fresh start. TakeTwo has no legacy debt or untangling of Covid-related travel obstacles that others are left grappling with, allowing them to focus on the path forward. As companies are returning to travel they are starting anew, creating best practices and optimizing policies to address the post-pandemic world we live it. TakeTwo has embraced the fresh-start approach and is working with clients to reshape this next era of personalized premium business travel. They will also be working closely with clients to mitigate risk, alleviate traveler wellbeing concerns and promote sustainable travel. As companies are returning to travel and the TMCs they worked with pre-pandemic, they are often finding a different team in place. Clients who are signing on with TakeTwo have cited their trust in the business model being launched; a clean slate coupled with a seasoned team in place. With the global return to business travel, there is a fundamental need for immediate premium service for when things go wrong or plans change and this is at the core of TakeTwo’s brand DNA and its emphasis on purposeful interactions.

“The next generation of travel management is all about the customer. We are eliminating the ‘press one or press two’ bot technology and reintroducing the importance of the human touch; ours is a holistic solution, not just a digital one. We are part of clients’ teams,” added Thelen.

Thelen, who holds dual UK and USA passports and splits his time between the two, has established offices across the US in New York, Houston and Los Angeles. Melissa Deffet, CFO for TakeTwo North America, will be working closely with Thelen and Global CFO Michael Young to lead the charge here and also will be responsible for integrating leisure travel into TakeTwo’s portfolio of services. The growing team includes Tricia Jenkins, senior client Solutions Manager, Pam Weber director of sales for the South and Jo-Ann Zebniak director of sales East. “There is an opportunity to make a significant difference in this space as road warriors are traveling again in this post-pandemic world,” said Zebniak. “TakeTwo’s value proposition coupled with its depth of expertise and razor-sharp focus on customer service are a winning trifecta that will make the transition to traveling once again seamless for our clients. This is the perfect time for a fresh start TMC to enter the market.”

Entering the USA comes with great optimism and opportunity on the heels of the company’s successful UK launch. TakeTwo entered the market with a strong UK/Europe-based client portfolio. In October the company was 31% ahead of budget, with a strong forecast for November. TakeTwo’s expansion plans include Canada, with details to follow in the near future.

About TakeTwo

TakeTwo’s vision is to provide high-level personalized global travel services to international corporations and road warriors, where travel is a crucial component of their business operations, as well as a premium service to high-net-worth individuals. TakeTwo aims to fill the market gap for a multi-national, independent TMC providing experienced hands-on support to corporates, particularly with traveler wellbeing and sustainability, as they resume travel following the pandemic.

The TMC is also determined to protect jobs and retain talent that would otherwise be lost from the industry following widespread redundancies due to the pandemic. TakeTwo is passionate about preserving the skills required to truly support buyers, bookers and travelers as they navigate the complexities of the new post-Covid era of business travel.

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